Etheric Field

This Field permeates all of existence.

The Law of Interdependence is.


* many pictures on this page originally found through the Resonance Science Foundation

All of Biology and Physics is actually Geometry in Motion

Energy rippling through Time.

So what is empty space?

A 'Planck' is considered the smallest possible measurement of space.

'Plancks' can be used to describe all known components/particles of energy/matter.

Here shows the relative size of one single 'planck' from the level of an atom.

Every planck within 'empty space' (the vacuum) is actually fully permeated by Energy.

Biology and Physics are Geometry, which leads to Sacred Geometry, the essential order and structure, the truth of Beauty.

The Pattern of Infinity contains all other patterns within it. 


Creation is divine in it's essential Nature.

Everything interconnects as One Body.

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